Tony Hawk's Underground in Unreal Engine 5

Behold Tony Hawk’s Underground in Unreal Engine 5

YouTube’s ‘MitchMakesGames’ has shared a cool video, showcasing Tony Hawk’s Underground in Unreal Engine 5. This video should give an idea of what a remaster of this skating game could look like in UE5. It looks kind of cool, so be sure to watch it.

Tony Hawk’s Underground came out in 2003 and it was the fifth entry in the Tony Hawk’s series. For this recreation, MitchMakesGames imported the game’s map and slightly remastered it. Additionally, he implemented some basic gameplay mechanics, and a goal mission.

Now as you’ll see, this feels more like a remaster and not like a full-on remake. The character models, for example, look as blocky as those of the original. So, be sure to temper your expectations. Regardless of that, I’m certain that some Tony Hawk fans will find it cool.

The bad news here is that this remaster is not available for download. From the looks of it, this is used for portfolio purposes. Nothing wrong with that mind you, though I’d love to give it a go.

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Have fun!

How I Remade Tony Hawk's Underground in Unreal 5