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Confrontation – Hands-On Preview

Confrontation is currently slated for an early April release, and here we are with a – bit late – preview for it. What really saddens me is that this little gem will pass under the radar of a lot PC gamers. Ironically, this is what a lot of old-school western RPG fans have been asking for as Confrontation features deep mechanics, slow-paced and tactical combat, and a nice upgrade system. Continue reading Confrontation – Hands-On Preview

Diablo 3 PC Preview

It’s been almost 12 years since the release of Diablo 2. During this time, a lot of things can change. New challengers had entered the ring and tried to reclaim D2’s throne. None of them succeeded. Players have been waiting patiently for the next part of this legendary series and although Diablo 3 was revealed a couple of years ago, its development had started in 2001. This means that it’s been in development for eleven whole years. And frankly, during its development we’ve seen lots of changes. From a gritty, dark and gothic hack ‘n slash fest, Diablo 3 became a cartoon-ish and easier to the eyes’ action RPG. I seriously don’t know if Blizzard was influenced by Torchlight or WoW, however, D3 looked more serious and adult back then. Continue reading Diablo 3 PC Preview