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Cities Skylines 2 has surpassed one million sales

Paradox Interactive has just revealed that Cities Skylines has sold more than one million copies on PC. According to the company, it took around three months to hit its one million goal. For comparison purposes, the first Cities Skylines sold one million units in its first month.

The problem with Cities Skylines 2 is that it still feels like an Early Access game. To its credit, Colossal Order has improved the game’s performance. Yes, Cities Skylines 2 now runs better. However, its AA solution is still bad, and there is still no support for DLSS or FSR.

Paradox stated that it was upset they didn’t meet player expectations on performance, platform releases and functionalities at launch. My guess is that Paradox needed a game to boost its revenue, and pushed Cities Skylines 2 out even though it was unfinished. It was a business decision and I’m certain they were fully aware of its state.

Paradox concluded that it is fully committed to continuing to improve and develop the game, and that Cities Skylines 2 is a long-term engagement for them.

Cities Skylines 2 came out on October 24th, 2023, and it currently has Mixed Reviews on Steam. So, in October 2024, we might take another look at it. Since the game even lacks some gameplay elements and features, we suggest staying away from it.

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