Skyrim Solitude Unreal Engine 5

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s Solitude looks incredible in Unreal Engine 5 with Nanite and Lumen

Leo Torres has shared a new video, showcasing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s capital, Solitude, being recreated in Unreal Engine 5. This recreation features sixteen times the detail of the original Skyrim city, giving us an idea of what a remake of Bethesda’s classic RPG could look like in UE5.

Now what’s cool here is that the artist has created Solitude at a more realistic and lore-accurate scale. Compared to the original version, Solitude now feels like a real place. Furthermore, this video features both a cinematic and a walkthrough mode.

This isn’t the first time Leo Torres has attempted to create a more realistic version of Skyrim’s environments. Back in April 2023, the artist shared a video showcasing Whiterun in Unreal Engine 5.

Going into more tech details, the video was rendered out in Unreal Engine 5.3.1 on an NVIDIA GeForce 3060ti. The artist also used Nanite for all models and foliage, as well as Lumen for global illumination and reflections. As such, the level of detail is exceptional. This really feels like a next-gen remake of Skyrim, so be sure to watch it.

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Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

The Real Size of Solitude: Skyrim in UNREAL ENGINE 5!