Skull & Bones -4

Skull and Bones is going to be a BIG MESS, and you should stay away from it

Ubisoft has launched the Open Beta phase for Skull and Bones, however, things are not looking great for this upcoming title. The game currently suffers from major server/connectivity issues. Not only that but there are issues preventing you from even accessing its main menu. This game is coming in hot, and you should stay away from it.

A lot of players are currently experiencing online issues. And, since this is an always-online game, it’s impossible to play it. That’s why we hate always-online games, and we want an Offline Mode (with bots) in all games. Not only that but we’ve been getting the following error which prevents us from even accessing the game’s menus.


This error was also present in the Closed Beta build. And, since then, Ubisoft has done NOTHING to fix it. The devs were aware of it. Or at least we informed them about it during the CB phase. So, that does not bode well for the final version which will come out in a few days.

To give you an idea, the Closed Beta phase for Skull and Bones launched in December 2023. So, Ubisoft had TWO WHOLE MONTHS to fix this issue. It did not. And that says a lot in my opinion.

Want to know what’s even funnier? Someone has created a bug thread about this issue today. As we’ve said, you CAN’T access the main menu. You can’t change the settings. There is NOTHING you can do. Yet Ubisoft suggested disabling Crossplay temporarily in the settings. What? How? You can’t access them. This is one of the worst and most useless workaround suggestions we’ve seen. So yeah, this issue will DEFINITELY be present in the final version too.

What’s also ironic is that Skull and Bones won’t be coming to Steam. As a result, players are currently unable to even contact the dev team and share their issues. After all, Ubisoft has closed its official forums so there isn’t any place to share your experience and issues. Sure thing, you can visit the game’s sub-reddit but I haven’t seen any dev commenting about the network issues. Then, we have Ubisoft’s Discord server, but my experience with it has been awful.

Let me elaborate. Back in July 2023, Ubisoft held a Closed Beta for The Crew Motorfest. The game’s beta build was a mess on NVIDIA’s RTX GPUs, and was running with 1fps no matter what the resolution or settings you were using. I’ve created a thread about it, with A LOT of other participants sharing the exact same issue. The game’s devs NEVER responded to it. This lack of communication is concerning. And I get it, this is a Beta. However, devs should be acknowledging the issues, or they should be at least responding to their beta testers. Because that’s the purpose of the beta.

Finally, let’s not forget that Skull and Bones has been in development hell. The game is coming in hot and God knows whether or not you’ll be able to even play it. Just imagine paying 70-80$, only to find out that you can’t connect to any server at all, and that you can’t play, in any way, the game you had purchased. And then publishers wonder why their game sales tank.

GG Ubisoft!