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Take a look at this Unreal Gold Remaster in Unreal Engine 5

Yesterday, we informed you about an unofficial remaster of Deus Ex in Unreal Engine 5. And earlier today, DXU24 shared a video, showcasing a remastered version of Unreal Gold in Unreal Engine 5. It looks cool, so be sure to watch it.

Now as you will see, this project is in a really early development state. Unreal Gold in UE5 currently suffers from stutters and glitches. As its creator claimed, the game needs more work and polish. So, don’t expect to be playing it anytime soon.

This Unreal Remaster keeps the same cool look as the original game. As we can see, the modder has used the original art assets. However, and mainly thanks to UE5, he also used a few techniques to make the textures and lighting a bit better.

From what we know, this is a side-project for DXU24. As of yet, the main focus of DXU24 is to bring the classic Deus Ex to Unreal Engine 5 with VR support. However, it appears that other UE games may also benefit from it.

Do note that this mod is not related in any way to Unreal Redux. Unreal Redux is a mod that promises to feature numerous Quality of Life improvements, will add new features, and will stay true to its classic roots. And, contrary to this remaster, it will not upgrade the game’s engine to UE5.

Speaking of Unreal, you may also want to try this Unreal Engine 4 Prototype Demo. Unreal Prototype Remaster features seven maps, in total, from the original game. However, only three of them are finished. These are the Vortex Rikers, Rrajigar Mine and Depths of Rrajigar. Now the good news is that there are enemies to fight in the finished maps. So yeah, that’s at least something.

UnrealHD v3.0 is another cool mod for the original game. This mod overhauls all classic Unreal & Unreal Tournament skins. So, make sure to download it if you plan to re-visit it.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more!

DXU24 Unreal Gold Current State (Intro fly-through)