UnrealHD v3.0-2

UnrealHD v3.0 is now available, overhauls all classic Unreal & Unreal Tournament skins

Unreal and Unreal Tournament fans, here is something special for you today. Lightning_Hunter has released a new version of his high-resolution skins pack for Unreal and Unreal Tournament, UnrealHD.

As you may have guessed, UnrealHD is a mutator that replaces all the old and blurry Unreal/RTNP skins with detailed, high-resolution versions. Do note that this pack only overhauls the skins of enemies, NPCs and weapons; it does not replace any of the environmental textures.

According to the modder, UnrealHD v3.0 comes with enhanced skins for Unreal Tournament, Unreal, and UT99. In addition to this, it includes many custom skins from popular single-player maps. Furthermore, it fixes the longstanding FOV issue of the weapons in widescreen.

You can download UnrealHD v3.0 from here. The modder also suggests using HD4k Extreme Resolution V3 for the DirectX11 Renderer for the best results.

Lastly, you can find below some screenshots, showcasing these new high-quality skins.

UnrealHD v3.0-1UnrealHD v3.0-2UnrealHD v3.0-3UnrealHD v3.0-4