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Deus Ex Remaster in Unreal Engine 5 gets new gameplay video

In March 2023, we informed you about a project that aimed to bring the classic Deus Ex to Unreal Engine 5. And today, we are happy to share a new development video for it. This video also packs numerous gameplay sequences, as well as comparison scenes between the original and the remastered versions.

DXU24 attempts to make Deus Ex fully playable in Unreal Engine 5. This means that the mod will take advantage of some of the new graphical/tech improvements of UE5. For instance, we can expect better lighting. Plus, its ultimate goal will be to offer a first-class VR experience.

Now while the modder claims that DXU24 is not a remaster, that is not that accurate. As we can clearly see, there are numerous lighting and graphical improvements to it. I get why the modder has attempted to stay away from such terms. That’s a way to protect the project from a future DMCA letter.

So, in case you’re wondering, the mod does not recreate any copyrighted assets contained in Deus Ex. It will also require the original game to be played. However, it does feel like a remaster of this classic FPS. I mean, take a look at the comparison scenes. This feels like.

Sadly, DXU24 won’t be a free mod. Instead, it will be held behind a Patreon wall. Again, I get why its creator is putting it behind a Patreon wall. This mod most likely took him a lot of time. Still, this is something that will rub most PC gamers the wrong way.

Speaking of Deus Ex, you can download an Unreal Engine 4 Fan Tech Demo from this link. You can also get the Deus Ex: Revision The Nameless Mod 2.0. And then we have the Helios Texture Overhaul Mod.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more!

DXU24 Development Update 2