Brutal Doom new concept art

Brutal Doom V22 Public Test Available for Download

Modder ‘SGtMarkIV’ has released a public beta version of version 22 for Brutal Doom. To celebrate this announcement, the modder also shared a new video that highlights the new features of this build.

Brutal Doom V22 features several new improvements, sprites, animations, and a Horde Mode. According to the modder, almost every gun received a new paint job, and now they are pixel-perfect.

As said, this latest version adds a new Horde Mode. The Horde Mode pits you into an arena against several waves of enemies and a boss battle at the end. Supplies are limited, and new parts of the arena open as you finish off waves.

Brutal Doom is one of the best mods for classic Doom. So, needless to say, we highly recommend giving it a go. You can go ahead and download this Public Test from this link.

Speaking of Doom mods, we also suggest taking a look at the following ones. Doom Voxel is a must-have mod as it turns all of its 2D sprites into 3D voxels. Aliens Eradication TC is a must-have mod for all our Aliens fans. Doom RTX is yet another must-have mod as it introduces full ray tracing/path tracing effects to the game. Then we have Brutal Doom: Black Edition, a mod that attempts to bring Doom 3’s art style to the game. And lastly, we have Schism which is a Doom/Hexen/Heretic mashup using Brutal Doom, as well as Bloom (a crossover between Blood and Doom).

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Brutal Doom v22 Dev Diary - New Weapon Sprites, Redesigns, Horde Mode