Alien Trilogy Doom feature

Aliens Eradication TC 2021 is now available for download

Payload Games has released a brand new version of the total conversion mod of GZDoom/Doom/Doom 2 that is based on Alien Trilogy, Aliens Eradication.

According to the developers, this latest update focuses mostly on the Total Conversion when playing with the original Doom and Doom2 maps and custom maps that use mostly vanilla assets.

You can download Aliens Eradication TC 2021 from here. Below you can also find the new changes of its latest update.

Aliens Eradication TC 2021 New Changes
  • Added ALT fire “Burst shot” to SHOTGUN that fires 3 shells in quick succession.
  • Added an adrenaline speed boost that last for 30 seconds and then recharges after a short time. This was added to compensate for the slower player speed in the mod. Some doom platforming
    in various wads was impossible with this slower movement speed. This feature will help with wads that disable jumping allowing the player to use speed and possibly strafe running to
    traverse these sections. It can also help with nukage areas and to help in particularly hard fights.
  • Rebalanced boss level (ERADICATION MAPSET) for all classes. The challenge was too much and felt cheap.
  • More balancing for iwad/pwad item placements and amounts.
  • Human enemies have a burning death animation when killed with fire.
  • Player can run while reloading from iron sights. Previously, player speed would remain reduced until reload finished.
  • Weapons revert to normal sights after reloading from iron sights. Pressing the iron sights key during reload animation will return to iron sights after reloading.
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