Bloom feature

The final version of Bloom, crossover between Blood and Doom, is available for download

Modder ‘drugod’ has released the final version of Bloom, a crossover mod between Doom and Blood. This mod is compatible with most Doom wads (doom.wad, doom2.wad, plutonia.wad and tnt.wad), and the modder suggests using Gzdoom 4.6 or above.

Going into more details, Bloom features more than 30 enemies from Blood and Doom. Moreover, it adds more than 22 new hybrid monsters. The mod also features 20 weapons and “guns of kimbo powerup!“.

As you’d expect, Bloom brings to the Doom engine all of the environments and assets from the original Blood game. It also adds textures from Blood (as well as some new ones). It also adds a new episode that features 8 maps. Lastly, Bloom adds traps and random events in the original/classic maps.

You can download Bloom from here. Below you can also find a trailer for it.

Have fun!

BlooM - Final Version Teaser