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NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix Driver 551.46 released, resolves micro-stutters with VSync

NVIDIA has released a new hotfix driver for its graphics cards, the NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix Driver 551.46. According to the green team, this new hotfix driver will resolve some micro-stutters that players experienced in games when enabling VSync.

Moreover, this hotfix driver will fix a potential stutter issue when scrolling in web browsers on certain system configurations. Additionally, it will improve stability in Immortals of Aveum. And that’s not all. The NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix Driver 551.46 promises to resolve some stutters in Red Dead Redemption 2 on some Advanced Optimus notebooks.

The GeForce Hotfix driver 551.46 is based on the latest public GeForce driver. Therefore, it packs all of its features, tweaks and improvements.

If you’ve experienced these micro-stutters when using VSync, we suggest upgrading your driver. You can do so by downloading this new hotfix from this link. At the end of the article, you can also find its complete changelog.

We’re currently using the 551.23 driver and we haven’t experienced these issues on our main PC system. So, not all PC configurations suffer from them. As such, you can skip this driver if you don’t have those issues. NVIDIA has not listed any performance improvements. So yeah, this driver mainly aims to fix the micro-stutters with VSync.

And… well… that’s it. It will be interesting to see whether NVIDIA will enable TrueHDR for games in its future drivers. Last week, we shared a mod that allowed NVIDIA players to use it in any game. This mod basically allows you to play any non-HDR game in HDR. Think of it as an alternative to AutoHDR.

Stay tuned for more!

NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix Driver 551.46 Release Notes

  • Some users may experience intermittent micro-stuttering in games when vertical sync is enabled [4445940]
  • Potential stutter may be observed when scrolling in web browsers on certain system configurations [4362307]
  • [Red Dead Redemption 2][Vulkan] Stutter observed on some Advanced Optimus notebooks [4425987]
  • [Immortals of Aveum] Addresses stability issues over extended gameplay [4415277]