nvidia rtx hdr video tool

NVIDIA’s RTX TrueHDR modded to work in all PC games

In January, NVIDIA released the Geforce 551.23 WHQL Driver which had a new feature, called RTX Video HDR (or TrueHDR). This feature allowed all RTX gamers to convert in real-time any streamed non-HDR video into an HDR video. And, modder ’emoose’, converted this tool to work in all PC games so that you can enjoy them in HDR.

As the modder noted, the latest driver features some hidden “TrueHDR” profile settings. These settings allow you to apply RTX HDR onto non-HDR-enabled games too. So, basically, think of it as an alternative to Windows Auto-HDR.

From the looks of it, all DX9/DX10/DX11/DX12 games are compatible with it. There is also a chance that this tool may also work with OpenGL/Vulkan games.

You can download this tool from this link. Do note that you’ll need driver 551.23 (or future versions) and WDDM 3.1 to enable it. And yes, this tool will only work with RTX GPUs. So, sadly, our AMD fans won’t be able to enable it.

Do note that TrueHDR currently isn’t compatible with NVIDIA’s NIS. It’s also not compatible with DL-DSR/DSR resolutions. So, make sure to disable them if you want to use this mod. I also don’t expect newer versions to fix these compatibility issues.

Since this mechanic appears to work on games, I’d love to see NVIDIA implementing it natively. This came out of nowhere and it could be a big feature for NVIDIA. And, if the green team does add it to its Control Panel, I’d like to see a more robust version of it.

Have fun and stay tuned for more!