Unreal Engine 5 Spider-Man

There is a Spider-Man Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo that you can download

Remember the Superman Unreal Engine 5 Demo we shared a while back. Well, time for something similar, dedicated to all fans of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Yeap, there is a Spiderman Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo that you can download right now.

Similarly to the Superman Unreal Engine 5 Demo, this Spider-Man project uses the Megacity environment from The Matrix Awakens. As such, this project can give you a glimpse at what a next-gen Spiderman game could look like.

Going into more details, YouTube’s ‘dwr’ used Lewis Fiford’s Spider-Man. Fiford has been working on a Spider-Man fan project for Unreal Engine 4. dwr has borrowed this model (with all of its animations) and imported it into the Megacity project for Unreal Engine 5.

As you will see, Spider-Man’s animations and moves are not perfect. This is to be expected as the Spiderman UE4 project is still in development. Nevertheless, it’s a cool fan tech demo that you can download.

Lastly, and as with the original Megacity demo, this Spider-Man Unreal Engine 5 Demo is really heavy, and you’ll need a really powerful PC.

You can download the demo from here.

Have fun!

Spider-man on Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo is stunning