Starfield feature-3

Starfield AMD FSR 3.0 Beta Patch Released

Bethesda has just released a new beta patch for Starfield that adds support for AMD FSR 3.0. Thanks to it, NVIDIA, Intel and AMD GPU owners will be able to enable and experience Frame Generation in Starfield.

AMD and Bethesda state that for the best experience, your framerate must be already at 60fps. Additionally, the teams recommend using FSR 3.0 with VSync ON and with a VRR monitor.

Needless to say, I’ll be sure to test AMD FSR 3.0 and I’ll share my findings tomorrow. Hopefully, this FSR 3.0 implementation will be similar to what we saw in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and The Talos Principle 2.

Starfield also supports NVIDIA DLSS 3. As such, I’ll be sure to compare DLSS 3 with FSR 3.0. So far, the only game in which FSR 3.0 is better than DLSS 3 is Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. DLSS 3 is currently broken in it, and we suggest staying away from it. For those wondering, Ryu Ga Gotoku and NVIDIA haven’t released any patch yet to improve it.

To download this patch, you must opt-in to the game’s beta updates. Once you’ve done that, Steam will automatically download the AMD FSR 3.0 Patch.

Stay tuned for more!