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Tekken 8 Mod allows you to go beyond Ultra Graphics, enabling GTAO, Full Screen SSR & Shadow Denoiser

Modder ‘xowny’ has released a new configuration file for Tekken 8 that allows you to go beyond the game’s Ultra Graphics settings. This mod will enable GTAO Ambient Occlusion, Shadow Denoiser and Full Screen SSR Reflections.

For those unaware, GTAO is a more advanced technique of Ambient Occlusion. GTAO takes advantage of temporal anti-aliasing (TAA) information. It uses information from previous frames to improve the accuracy of occlusion calculations. As such, it can provide a better image quality than the game’s default AO.

On the other hand, Shadow Denoiser can result in smoother and cleaner shadows, enhancing the overall visual fidelity of the game. It can help reduce flickering, blocky artifacts, and other noise-related issues that may occur in the shadowed areas of the scene.

As for Full Screen SSR, you already know what this setting does. Basically, it improves the quality of SSR reflections so that they can appear more accurate. Still, the game would benefit from RT Reflections as there are some stages in which the SSR artifacts look horrendous.

With all that said, this mod does not come close to what TekkenOverlay can achieve. And while there is a huge potential here, its creator has not updated it these past couple of weeks. TekkenOverlay also has major issues in some stages. I’ve seen people improving it via UUU (Unreal Unlocker), so it’s possible to get great results with Lumen. So, we might see a UE5 Lumen Mod in the future.

Since I’m currently playing Tekken 8, I’ve tried the mod. The good news is that it will slightly improve the game’s graphics. The bad news is that it comes with a pretty big performance hit. While I didn’t have any issues on my RTX4090 (duh), owners of weaker GPUs may get performance drops below 60fps. So, use this mod only if you have a high-end GPU.

You can download the mod from this link. Be also sure to read our PC Performance Analysis for Tekken 8.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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