Play the classic Doom 2 with Full Ray Tracing/Path Tracing

January has been a slow month without any major new releases. Or at least the first half. As such, I’ve decided to revisit the classic Doom games. Now as you may have know, in 2022 we got a Full Ray Tracing/Path Tracing Mod for the first Doom game. However, that mod wasn’t compatible with Doom 2. Thankfully, though, there is a mod that fixes that.

But let’s take things from the beginning. In 2022, sultim-t, the man behind the amazing ray tracing/path tracing mods for Serious SamQuake, and Half-Life, released an RTX Mod for the first Doom game. That mod added full ray tracing/path tracing effects to id Software’s classic game. However, it was not compatible with Doom 2. While you could load the Doom2.wad, the maps did not have any static lights. And that’s where the following mod comes in.

Created by ‘rellik66’, this mod adds lights for PrBoom+Raytracing. Thus, you can now enjoy Doom 2 with Path Tracing.

What’s cool here is that Doom 2 with Path Tracing can feel like a horror game. Since there aren’t a lot of “fake” lights, the game is darker than before. And, in a really weird way, it may remind you of Doom 64’s atmosphere.

Now the downside is that since the game is darker, you might end up getting lost in its maps. Thankfully, the game has a flashlight that you can enable. And trust me, you’ll need it.

If you are a die-hard Doom fan, I highly recommend using these mods in order to replay Doom 2. They will completely change the way you experience it. I’ve also captured a video, showcasing ten minutes of gameplay from it. Since YouTube takes its time to process it, I’ll update this article with it once it’s finished. Until then, enjoy the following screenshots (for some reason the screenshots are way darker than what the actual game looks like. So no, the game does not look THAT dark).

Have fun!

Doom 2 with Path Tracing-6Doom 2 with Path Tracing-1Doom 2 with Path Tracing-2 Doom 2 with Path Tracing-3Doom 2 with Path Tracing-4Doom 2 with Path Tracing-5

Doom 2 with Full Ray Tracing/Path Tracing