What does a Zombie Eat?


What does a Zombie Eat?

How can you heal a zombie?

In Minecraft, there is no way to heal zombies. Because of its undead nature, even splash potions with healing can cause damage to the zombie.

What does a Zombie eat for food?

According to legend, zombies will eat your flesh. There is not much you can feed a zombie. They don't seem to be eating any food. They do drop potatoes and carrots so it is possible that they like the earthy vegetables.

Can you cure a Zombie Pigman

Unfortunately, you cannot cure a zombified piglin. There are two possible outcomes for a zombified porklin. It would be difficult to determine if the cured zombified porklin would become either a piglin, or a pig. There is no way to cure a zombified porklin.

Is it possible to cure a Zombie Villager with a potion only?

A splash potion of weakness and one golden apple can cure zombie villagers. However, you can cure zombie villagers without having to make the potion yourself. If you can find a witch, they may be able to give you a splash potion. Trap a zombie villager, and drag a witch between the two of you. You can get the witch to throw a weakness splash potion and feed the zombie villager with the golden apple.