Untamable mobs of Minecraft


Untamable mobs of Minecraft

There are many mobs that populate Minecraft's vast open world. The game's players are welcomed with many fascinating forms of life. Some are friendly while others are more hostile. Some mobs are passive and cannot be controlled by players.

Taming is a feature Minecraft offers that allows players to interact with certain mobs. These animal mobs can be tamed and become pets that can accompany players on their adventures. There are however a few animals that can't be fully tamed, even though the players would like to.

5) Ocelot

Ocelots can be found only in Jungle biomes. They resemble cats in appearance, but they are larger. Ocelots are not able to be tamed, unlike cats. They can be fed raw salmon or cod by players to gain their trust. However, these mobs are not able to be fully tamed.

4) Strider

A strider is a special mob that can walk on lava without burning, and it's a good pet for players who travel the Nether regularly. The Striders can't be controlled in the game. You can ride them with saddles or warped mushrooms attached to a fishing rod.

Foxes can be found in forest biomes as shy, passive mobs. They cannot be controlled, but players can earn their trust by giving them berries. Trusted foxes will not be killed or taken from you by despawners.

2) Rabbit

Many players want cute rabbits to be their pets. However, these mobs are not tamed and cannot be trusted. They are shy, passive mobs and will run away from any player who comes close to them. These cute mobs are not suitable for pets.

1) Axolotls

Axolotls can be captured by players and they can be bred, but they are not completely tamed. Axolotls, cute mobs, only spawn in Lush Cave biomes. They can only be fed tropical fish by players to gain their trust and won't be despawned. Axolotls even help players in fighting underwater hostile mobs.