Minecraft and the Purge


Minecraft and the Purge

The Purge and Minecraft are distinct for many reasons. Although the primo sandbox game allows for a lot more freedom, it is still a game primarily for children, so The Purge does not necessarily fit in. However, the internet cannot be controlled. So someone created a video that combines both.

We are not suggesting that you shouldn't create The Purge in Minecraft. Everybody enjoys the game in their own way. You can take the person who has nearly completed mining a whole Minecraft map in five years or the people who have recreated MS Paint with Redstone. A PC that was inspired by the Nintendo Wii was built. It runs Minecraft in stunning 4K. It offers something for everyone. This is one of the most bizarre, but still very entertaining videos we've ever seen.

Forge Labs is a company that creates long-term challenges in games. They invited a few Minecrafters to come together and spend a week building amazing homes and living their best lives. The Purge rules were put into effect after the week was over. This meant that everyone could do whatever they wanted, but most importantly, crimes.

Their latest video is just over two hours long so it's quite a commitment. However, it's somewhere in between being incredibly fascinating and deeply disturbing and a very honest look at how humans might behave if things went wrong.

One of the most interesting features of this ruleset was the fact that players who died before the purge began would lose one heart forever. This meant that players could not upgrade their gear without paying a price. It's a great watch and we recommend it if you're working.