How to Build a Medieval House


How to Build a Medieval House

You may not know that I am a Minecraft addict. We play Feed The Beast with the boy but we recently switched back to vanilla Minecraft to see if it had any new updates. I made a beautiful medieval-style house as my first vanilla project. It was something I had always wanted.

This medieval Minecraft house is inspired by a house I found online a few month ago (and can't find again to link it nooooo). I fell in love with it instantly! It was the perfect size to hold everything I needed, once I had started building it.

When I started playing years ago, I would either build multiple structures or use a town to base my game. But this house solves all of those problems. NOW IT ALL IS IN ONE PLACE, AND SEXY AS ALL GETOUT.

I have a second version of this medieval house that I built in survival. It took me about a day to complete. This one can be done in creative, and took two hours. :D

This medieval Minecraft house contains:

Full basement with furnaces, tons of chest storage, craft table, anvil space, and access into a mining shaft. - Main floor with lots chest room and craft table space
- Second floor with fully functional enchantment table + room, and potion brewing area
- Top floor with armor stands and beds. There is also a walk-out balcony for sniping enemies at dawn.
Optional stable addition to keep your horses happy nearby
This tutorial uses the texture packs Chroma Hills RPG (during building) and Triton Core V2. Both texture packs are 64x and absolutely amazing. Dokucraft is a great choice for older computers that have trouble with 64x. It comes in many flavors and looks amazing even at 16x or 32x.