Best Minecraft parkour servers

Although Minecraft parkour servers are not new, their popularity has increased due to viral YouTube and TikTok videos. Parkour servers have maps that contain obstacles that can be overcome using movement techniques like running, jumping and climbing.

Because of the variety of maps available, parkour servers can be great fun for both seasoned professionals and beginners. Many parkour servers offer speedrun parkour, which allows players to race against the clock in order to beat the map.

You've come to the right place if you are looking for a great Minecraft parkour server. This list will highlight five top servers for parkour sessions.

5) Mox Mox MC

IP Address:

Mox MC is a great Minecraft server for parkour. There are many fun maps to choose from and it is often crowded with players at peak times. You can also get amazing rewards by completing parkour routes, including stylish hats and tags or custom items.

To access the parkour section of the server, players simply need to use "/warp parksour". This will take them to the parkour server, where they can complete any parkour map that interests them.

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4) ParkourCraft

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ParkourCraft is the best Minecraft parkour server. There are hundreds of parkour maps available on this server, all of which can be enjoyed by players in their own way.

There are 228 different parkour maps here. Each one is unique and varies in difficulty. There's something for everyone, no matter how experienced or novice you are in parkour.

IP Address:

Snapcraft IP Address

Snapcraft, a long-standing Minecraft server network, offers many game modes, including Prisons and Skyblock, Factions and Parkour.

Snapcraft's parkour game mode is not the most well-known, but it's still a great option and a little-known gem in the parkour scene. There are many great custom parkour courses that you can complete, each one getting harder. This is a great place to start parkour fun. IP Address

2) Minr Parkour

Server IP:

Minr is the oldest server on the list. In fact, it is one of the oldest Minecraft servers. It is impressive to note that some of the parkour maps found on this server are more than 10 years old.

Minr has a lot of fun gameplay challenges, including mazes and parkour maps. This server has a lot of exciting content, so if you are interested in exploring it, give it a try.

IP Address:

1) JumpCraft

Server IP:

JumpCraft has an impressive uptime of more than 7 years and is undoubtedly one the most reliable dedicated Minecraft parkour servers. This server offers over 800 parkour courses, each with a different theme.

JumpCraft also allows you to sort all 800+ parkour courses by difficulty. These range from easy to difficult. Extreme courses are extremely difficult and will only be completed by the most skilled parkour artists.

JumpCraft is a great parkour server. You can also try different parkour-based game modes like sky-parkour and dropper.

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