Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005

Here’s an early look at Need for Speed: Most Wanted in Unreal Engine 5

Now here is something cool that most of our readers will hate (pick your pitchforks, everyone). YouTube’s ‘NostalgiaNexus’ has shared a video, showcasing Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2005 running in Unreal Engine 5.

This project uses the Chaos Vehicle System and FMOD for engine sounds, and it also might be taking advantage of Lumen. From what I see, the lighting is significantly improved (at least compared to the original 2005 version of NFS: MW). There are also some cool high-quality reflections. However, we should note that this fan remaster of Need for Speed: Most Wanted in Unreal Engine 5 does not feature any PBR shaders. So, in theory, the game can look even better when NostalgiaNexus adds them.

My only suggestion would be to use AI tools to upscale the original textures by four times. Right now, the environmental textures look kind of bad (due to their low-res textures). NostalgiaNexus claimed that he has upscaled some textures, but I’m not THAT satisfied with what I see (I’m talking solely about the textures here). Other than that, this fan remaster looks really amazing.

From what we know, NostalgiaNexus has no plans to release this fan remake/remaster of Need for Speed: Most Wanted in Unreal Engine 5 to the public. This, of course, shouldn’t surprise us as EA wouldn’t allow something like that to happen. Still, this video will give you an early look at what a remaster of this racing game could look like.

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Remaking Need For Speed Most Wanted 2005 In Unreal Engine 5