COD 4 RTX Remix WIP Mod

Call of Duty 4 RTX Remix Path Tracing Mod Available for Download

Modder ‘xoxor4d’ has released the first version of his RTX Remix Mod for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that adds full ray tracing/path tracing. Below you can also find three videos that showcase these Path Tracing effects. So, go ahead and take a look.

Now I should note that this mod is not based on the RTX Remix Creation Tools that NVIDIA will release on January 22nd. Instead, it’s based on the RTX Remix Runtime that came out in April 2023. In short, this first mod may have various graphical glitches. If I had to guess, I’d also say that the game’s materials haven’t been updated either.

For a “first attempt“, this RTX Remix Mod is kind of cool. And, in some scenes, you can definitely see the visual improvements of path tracing. However, there are also other scenes in which the game looks kind of flat. So yeah, this feels like a mixed bag. It’s cool, but it’s not perfect.

Again, this mod does not represent the quality of the future RTX Remix Mods. Once NVIDIA releases RTX Remix in Open Beta, modders will have access to better tools. With these new tools, they’ll be able to properly adjust a game’s lighting and overhaul its materials. And I can’t wait for these mods.

But anyway, you can go ahead and download this RTX Remix Mod for COD4 from this link.

Speaking of Path Tracing Mods, I also suggest downloading this one for Doom 2. There are also Ray Tracing/Path Tracing Mods for Quake, Half-Life and Serious Sam. These mods are NOT based on the RTX Remix. As such, we highly recommend downloading them as they look incredible.

Stay tuned for more!

CoD4 - Pathtracing on Farm - RTX-Remix

CoD4 - Pathtracing on Showdown - RTX-Remix

CoD4 - Pathtracing on Bog - RTX-Remix