The Last of Us Part I feature 4

The Last of Us Part I Patch 1.0.4 releases next week with framerate optimizations and graphical improvements

Naughty Dog has announced that it will release Patch 1.0.4 for the PC version of The Last of Us Part I next week. According to the team, this update will include framerate optimizations and graphical improvements.

Additionally, Update 1.0.4 will have various texture fidelity improvements, and will fix some crashes.

Unfortunately, Naughty Dog has not revealed the full changelog for this update. My guess is that the team will unveil it once this patch hits Steam.

As we’ve already reported, Naughty Dog should optimize the shader compilation procedure, as well as the initial loading. It’s inexcusable for this game to take this long to compile its shaders or load a save.

Since the team claims to include texture fidelity improvements, we can assume that it will improve the quality of Medium Textures. Naughty Dog may also optimize the game to reduce overall CPU usage in order to provide higher framerates.

So, things are looking promising. Naturally, we’ll be sure to test this patch once it comes out.

Stay tuned for more!