Resident Evil Fan Remake in Unreal Engine 5 gets an incredible gameplay trailer

YouTube’s ‘RE Biohazard’ just released an awesome gameplay trailer for its fan remake of the first Resident Evil game using Unreal Engine 5. This trailer gives you a good 4 minutes of actual gameplay, so make sure to check it out.

What’s really cool about this trailer is that it reveals numerous environments and enemies. For example, you can spot the Hunters and the Giant Snake. They’ve also made sure the combat mechanics work properly. This remake is one of the best we’ve seen from fans so far.

What’s also cool about this remake is that it lets you choose between a third-person and fixed-camera view. This is what the official remakes should have done. It’s like a dream come true for all die-hard Resident Evil fans.

Unfortunately, there is still no ETA on when we’ll get a demo of it. The team behind it stated that we should not be expecting a release date announcement anytime soon. And, to be honest, this sucks. Let’s not forget that Capcom shut down another fan remake of Resident Evil in Unity Engine. And I get it. The team is most likely using it for portfolio purposes. However, as you’ll see, they have put A LOT of effort into this remake. So, it will be a shame if we never get at least a demo of it.

To sum it up, this fan-made remake of Resident Evil in Unreal Engine 5 looks amazing, but I’d recommend not getting too excited. Its team is still working on it, but Capcom might shut it down very soon. So, think of it as a teaser trailer, and that way, you won’t be let down if it one day gets canceled.

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