One Punch Man World temp

Here are ten minutes of gameplay from One Punch Man: World

GameInformer posted a video with ten minutes of fresh gameplay from One Punch Man: World. In this video, we can see what the game looks like and how its fighting works. It’s a cool sneak peek so be sure to watch it if you are fans of the manga/anime.

In One Punch Man: World, you can unlock and level up your favorite heroes from the One-Punch Man anime series, like Genos. You’ll also hang out in the Hero Association hub to meet friends, tackle missions, and join forces with others to take on big, bad enemies.

The game’s combat in One Punch Man: World will let you do cool things like dodging at just the right moment, pulling off skill combos, and unleashing amazing ultimates. Plus, all your favorite manga and anime characters will have some new tricks you can try out. And just like other games based on manga and anime, One Punch Man: World will have all the awesome moments from its first season.

Lastly, you can wander around Z-City, and join in on fun extra stuff and mini-games, all while trying to rise up the in-game leaderboards. It’s all about having a blast and aiming for the top.

One Punch Man: World will be coming out on both PCs and smartphones, so we can assume it’s a free-to-play title. Thus, I really hope it won’t be another Gacha game or one filled with micro-transactions.


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