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Diablo 4 will officially support DirectStorage via a new patch

Back in March 2023, we claimed that Diablo 4 could be the second game to officially support Microsoft’s DirectStorage. And it appears we were right. While Blizzard has implemented support for DirectStorage in Diablo 4, it has not enabled it yet.

As Blizzard told PCGamer, MS DirectStorage is currently not “enabled but we are planning on enabling it in the future.

My guess is that DirectStorage will be able to significantly reduce the initial loading times, as well as the loading times when teleporting. Thus, it will be interesting to compare the vanilla game with its DirectStorage version when it comes out.

In theory, DirectStorage will slightly increase CPU usage. The DLL file of DirectStorage indicates that the game will be using version 1.0.2. This version lacks GPU decompression, meaning that it will be running on the CPU.

Now the good news here is that Diablo 4 does not currently require a high-end CPU. As we’ve showcased, a modern-day dual-core with SMT/Hyper-Threading can run the game with over 150fps at 1080p/Ultra Settings.

Stay tuned for more!