Mass Effect Legendary Edition HD Texture Pack-1

Mass Effect Legendary Edition gets lore-friendly HD Texuture Pack

Modder ‘Catachrism’ has released an amazing lore-friendly HD Texture Pack for Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This pack is 1.2GB in size and brings numerous tweaks, fixes and improvements.

According to the modder, the new textures contain many LE-specific bug fixes including resolving upscaling artifacts left over in vanilla LE textures, UV mapping issues, unaligned character teeth, specular channel miss-mapping, normal map miss-mapping, Asari color correction (removes the neon blue), environmental texture enhancements and more.

Do note that this isn’t a simple AI-upscaled project. Instead, the modder upscaled the original textures at stage 1 manually or via Cupscale to remove DXT artifacts. Then, Catachrism hand-crafted and painted them using promotional art references, their personal texture detail libraries, and manual touch-ups.

In order to showcase the improvements, the modder shared the following comparison screenshots.

You can download this HD Texture Pack from here.

Lastly, and speaking of Mass Effect LE, we also suggest taking a look at thisĀ cool first-person mod. You can also this Community Patch 1.5.1 which aims to fix numerous game bugs.

Have fun!

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