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Gomps is a free tool that adds “multiplayer” features to any single-player Unity game

Our reader ‘elliotttate’ has informed us about a cool free tool, called Gomps, that adds basic “multiplayer” features to any single-player Unity game.

By using Gomps, you get to see other players’ ghosts around you in real-time, and leave notes throughout the game worlds for other players to read. However, other players can’t see or affect what happens in your game. So yeah, don’t expect proper multiplayer functionalities.

As its description reads:

“When you play a game with Gomps, every player is still playing their own single player game. You can’t “spectate” other people’s games through Gomps, since all you see is their position in the game world you’re in. Gomps does’t magically synchronize every player’s game to make the worlds consistent. Gomps does’t affect the mechanics of the games being played, so it can’t turn a single-player game into a full coop experience, nor a competitive one. All you get is a bunch of ghosts floating around you, who happen to be in the same location as you in their own instance of the game. You’re able to interact with these players using text messages, and eventually other types of interactions like “taunts”, but they will always be purely visual and have no effect on the game you’re playing.”

It’s a pretty cool tool that you can download from here. As said, Gomps only supports Unity Engine right now. However, its creator plans to add support for Unreal Engine (and other engines) in the near future.

Have fun!