Doom 3 Hellknight

This mod turns Doom 3 into an old-school Run-and-Gun shooter

Modder ‘rulesnote’ has released an amazing gameplay mod for Doom 3 that turns it into an old-school Run-and-Gun shooter. This mod is called Runner’s Doom 3, and a brand new version of it is currently available for download.

Runner’s Doom 3 increases most enemies’ reaction speed and attack damages. It’s also worth noting that the player’s new walking speed is faster than the previous running speed, and the new running speed is more than double the previous speed. Moreover, it allows most enemies to be spawned instantly. Not only that, but players can also use the double-barrel shotgun in the main game.

Runner’s Doom 3 also packs numerous AI improvements. For instance, the Imps can now fire multiple fireballs, can move to you while shooting projectiles, and can more frequently dodge your shots. Wraiths will disappear and appear, approach you, and then explode themselves. Revenants will fire multiple rockets in succession, whereas the Mancubi can keep moving toward you while shooting projectiles. Cacodemons will also move faster than you and attempt to bite you.

All in all, this mod will completely change the way you play Doom 3. So, if you are one of those classic Doom fans that were disappointed by the game’s horror approach, we suggest downloading the mod and giving it a go.

Have fun!