Skyrim Winterhold in Unreal Engine 5

Skyrim’s Winterhold in Unreal Engine 5 looks incredible

Skyrim fans, check this out. Leo Torres just dropped a video showing Winterhold from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in Unreal Engine 5. This video can give us an idea of what a next-gen Skyrim could look like. Seriously, it looks stunning so be sure to watch it.

Leo Torres rendered this map in Unreal Engine 5.3.2 on an NVIDIA RTX 3060Ti. He used third-party models and custom assets. For the custom assets, he used Blender. The artist used Nanite for all models and foliage. Plus, for GI and reflections, he used Lumen.

Leo Torres is no stranger to making Skyrim look amazing in Unreal Engine 5. He has done it before. In April 2023, he shared a cool video of Whiterun in Unreal Engine 5. Then, in October, he did it again with a recreation of Solitude in UE5. This guy knows knows his stuff.

The artist created Winterhold in a way that’s way more realistic and fits with the lore of the game. Now, it feels like a legit place. And guess what? At the end of the video, there’s a walkthrough that shows us just how big and cool it is. Check it out to see for yourself.

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The Real Size of Winterhold: Skyrim in UNREAL ENGINE 5!